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Leslie-Ann Gully was born in Grenada, referred to as the Spice Island of the Caribbean. As a little girl her favorite pass-time was not only reading every book she placed her hands on but spending time with the one doll she loved. From what she could remember the doll had more hair than any she had been presented with. She couldn’t help but spend countless time with her doll, especially on rainy days when it was difficult to play outside. From updos to braids and cornrows, and the infamous Jheri curls she pretended to do on her doll because she saw her mom do it so many times on dozens of pleased customers. “That looks easy,” she often though to herself. Practice definitely started to perfect her skills. At the age of ten, she was allowed to style her own hair for school. During her high school years, She and her friends spend hours every evening on the telephone discussing how they would wear their hair the next day to school. Whenever she was out with her friends and someone with a ‘banging’ hair style should pass by, her friends would turn and give her the look which says “I know you’re staring”.
At the age of 18, Leslie-Ann migrated to Brooklyn, New York. Her second job was at a Natural Hair Care Salon, where she quickly learned the art of styling African-American hair types. Soon after, she went on to style hair for magazines such as Essence Magazine, Hype Hair Magazine, Braids and Beauty and more.
Leslie-Ann has went through a personal transformation and physical acceptance during her early years in the hair care business. Throughout her childhood, Leslie-Ann was always compared to what society’s beauty standards were.
Growing up she often heard that she was ‘attractive’ but not ‘beautiful’ by the elders she looked up to from the community. Her mother had succeeded in being crowned Queen of the carnival a few years before Leslie-Ann was born.
An achievement that defined, at the time, what the beauty standards should be. With physical appearance that does not resemble her mom, she had to endure the constant comparison throughout her early years until she had her ‘AH HA’ moment.
“Beauty does not depend on the sculpting or designing of any human being. It is the masterpiece of our great creator. We are created in HIS (GOD’S) image and likeness.The way we look is approved!”
As a licensed Cosmetologist, Leslie-Ann choose to specialize in Natural Hair.
Using it as an avenue to educate, motivate, inspire and build the confidence of all who sits before her. Whether young, old, boy, girl, man or woman. She is passionate about what she does. With an educational background in Computer Science, she knows how to work hard to achieve goals from little to great significance. A people’s person, a big heart filled with lots of laughter, you are sure to feel right at home in her presence.